YouPix Script & Short Film Contest endorsed… by God

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YouPix Script & Short Film Contest endorsed…        by God


Disenchanted with every other screenplay and short film contest in the Universe, God finally decided to anoint a couple of Script Angels to give writers and directors a fighting chance at making their movies.  

 Behold all ye broken, tired and disenfranchised writers and short film directors:

We PRODUCE the winning script, DIRECTED by our winning short film Director.


     ”It’s a pretty simple concept,” say’s God.  ”Writers write screenplays to share their vision with the world.  Directors desire to take that vision and make it a reality.  I’m just stepping in to give these artists a better shot at making their dreams come true.”  

     Script Angels, Matt Davis and Talieh Safadi, agree, “It’s a God thing.  You know.  Making dreams come true.”

     ”That’s right, guys.  It is a Me thing.” says God.


Join the YouPix Script & Short Film Contest.  

It’s the only competition endorsed by God.

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