YouSubmit your work

Hey [wlm_firstname]! Welcome to YouSubmit. Here is where we get your work seen by active Development Executives (SUITS) who are looking for fresh talent.  

Our YouSubmit Section is designed exclusively for TALENT.  It allows its members to upload their material to our database where it's accessible to hand-selected Executives who are actively searching for new projects.  YouSubmit identifies the best un-produced scripts in its database, and gets them into the proper hands.  YouPix is all about Film-MAKERS! 

*We do NOT store your script in our database.  We only provide basic information like title, logline, synopsis etc.  You will be able to accept or reject any request submitted by a Suit directly to you via our private messaging system.

**"Suits" is our affectionate term for Producers, Directors, Agents, Managers, Casting Directors and other Development Executives.