Contest Guidelines


  •  Contests are open to all Filmmakers from all around the world – no limits!


  • Script must be able to be produced on a low budget (less than $500k) – no big VFX (unless you are a professional VFX artist with a GOOD DEAL)
  • Script must follow the standard and professional screenplay format.
  • Script must be between 90 and 125 pages.
  • Scripts must be in English.
  • Scripts must be anonymous – no TITLE or NAME – to ensure unbiased coverage.
  • Online submission, in PDF format ONLY.
  • There is no limitation to how many scripts you may enter into the competition – separate submission fees apply.
  • All material submitted must be original, and all rights must be owned by the writer(s).
  • You may have more than one Co-Writer(s), but ALL must agree to our terms of agreement.
  • All submissions are final. No corrected pages or updated drafts are allowed after submission.
  • We highly recommend that all scripts are registered with the WGA or The Library of Congress before submission.
  • GENRE cannot be: Adult or Pornographic, Animated, Biographical or True Story (unless writer has legal rights to the subject(s)).



  • Short film must be less than 20min. in length – including credits.
  • Only ONE short film per submission fee – do NOT  string together two or more shorts unless it is by design, and there is a narrative thread binding them.  Think ONE short film.
  • We only accept EMBED LINKS.  Participants have the option to upload their short films on any hosting services where they can be easily viewed via embed link.
  • Short films cannot be: Animation, Adult or Pornographic, Biographical or True Story (unless Director has legal rights to the subject(s)).
  • Foreign films are accepted as long as they have subtitles, or are dubbed in English.