YouPix Contest FAQ

What do I get for my money?

Coverage!  By more than one reader.  Or real feedback on your short film.  By numerous viewers.

Consider this:  the average submission fee for most contests ranges between $50-$150.  AND, the more reputable contests require that you be a MEMBER of their Community which could cost an additional $100 or more. And what do they offer you?

  • Major competition - Thousands of contestants. (Some range between 5000-10000)
  • Little or No Coverage.  No proof that anyone actually read your script.
  • And if you win...  You get a Trophy/Certificate, maybe some in-kind services and discounts.  But that's about it.  Blah.

At, your membership is absolutely FREE. Furthermore, we encourage all our community members to share some of their work on their profile to promote their talent for FREE.  And if you decide to enter our competition, here is what we are offering:

  • Less competition:  Your Odds of Winning are 1:1000  -  You will never compete with more than 999 other contestants. 
  • Multiple coverage and feedback on your work - great value considering the submission fee.  Standard coverage fees in Hollywood is up to double our Submission Fee. 
  • Best of all:  The winners actually get to make a feature length movie.  A real movie.  The others can keep their trophies.

What if you don't receive a 1000 submissions?

If we receive less than 1000 submissions, but we determine that we have enough participants to justify our investment, then we'll move ahead with the competition and make a movie.  If we fail to reach our threshold of submissions under 1000, our participants will have the following 2 choices:

1- Get a partial refund and receive the coverage their scripts garnered.

- or -

2- Get the FULL refund (minus PayPal transaction fee of 3%) and receive no coverage. 

Can I enter multiple screenplays?

Yes, but you have to pay for each separately.

What if we are a team of Writers or Directors? Can we enter?

Teams are great!  Cohen Brothers and Farrelly Brothers make great partners.  So here's the deal.  All members of the team must agree to the submission of the materials, and our legal requirements.  The best news is that we only require one Submission Fee per team.  You just got at least half off.  How frugal of you.

What if I am a writer/director?

Writer/directors are awesome!  If you want to enter both a script and the Director's contest,  you must pay two Submission Fees - One for the Script and one for the Short Film.  If your script advances to the final stages and your short film doesn't, you can opt out if you don't want your script directed by someone other than yourself.  If you advance as a Director but your script doesn't, you would be a fool to opt out, but we understand...  There are no refunds of Submission Fees.

Who picks the winners?

The first and second rounds are based on a scoring system from the coverage your material receives from your fellow participants.  The final ten are evaluated by our Board of Directors - Consisting of Film Professionals.  They will determine the most viable team, and give them the GREEN LIGHT.

Wait. I have to read scripts?

Yes.  That's how this all works.  We all read each other's scripts and fairly critique them.  Each Writer and each Director is required to read and critique 2 scripts and evaluate 2 short films.  In this way, all Participants get up to 4 pieces of coverage/evaluation for their submission fee.  If you've ever purchased Professional Script coverage, you know that it costs upwards of $150-$250.  Each.  

That sucks.  We give you up to four times the coverage for the same price.  That sucks not.

It gets better - If you advance to the TOP 100 scripts or short films, you get an additional 2 pieces of coverage/feedback for your materials. is a community effort.  A community of Filmmakers who just wanna get a SHOT!

What if I don't read and/or critique the required 2 Scripts and 2 Short Films?

Well, that's not playing fair.  Reading and Critiquing each other's material is how this all works.  It's also where you grow as a Filmmaker - by getting candid feedback by your peers and by giving it.  The highest scoring Scripts and Short Films advance to the second round, and then move on to judging by our Board of Directors.  We need your participation!

So, to answer your question...  We will hold back the coverage you receive for your own Material until you have fulfilled your obligations as a Participant in this COMPETITION.  If you fail to provide honest and thoughtful coverage, the following may happen:  your material loses points for your failure to participate or your material may be removed from the competition, and you forfeit your Submission Fee to the movie gods.  After the Competition is over, you will receive the minimum coverage required to fulfill our obligation to you.

What if MY script wasn't read by 4 people?

We are realists.  Not every person in our contest will fulfill their obligations as participants in this contest - leaving a few orphaned scripts and shorts with less coverage.  So, we have decided to entice enthusiastic participants to cover and critique beyond their obligations.  For each orphaned script or short film critiqued, we will apply credits to your own coverage/feedback, giving you a better shot at winning this thing. 

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort.  We need team players.  Team players are the most successful in this business.  We want to reward this kind of participation in our Filmmaking community, because they are the types of folks we are looking for.

Can I mail in my material and payment?

No, we only accept online submissions and payments.  Scripts must be in .pdf format.  Short Films must be hosted off-site, and you provide an embed link for submission.  Submission Fee payments are securely processed by PayPal.

How do I know that others who review my work aren't going to steal my idea?

One of the biggest fears most creative people have is of having their idea ripped off.  At the same time, if you don't put your work out there for others to see and crtique, you will never get discovered or improve your talent.  That's why we highly recommend that you protect YOUR work with the Writers Guild of America or The Library of Congress.

How do I know that my material is being read/viewed and fairly critiqued?

Our coverage is based on two parts: Contestants will receive a score on multiple categories between 1-10 (ten being best), and they will also receive feedback to support those numbers.  Additionally, each person submitting material MUST provide a Validation Question about their work that can only be answered by someone having read and reviewed the materials.  The person doing the coverage/review MUST provide an answer to the Validation Question, or their coverage/review will not be accepted.  We expect our community to play nice, but we will review any claims of malicious coverage.  If our in-house team of professionals find a contestant not providing fair and honest coverage/reviews, it could lead to them being disqualified from the contest, and being removed from our community.  We are looking for a passionate, honest and creative group of filmmakers to collaborate and make good movies!

Do I lose rights to my material by entering the contest?

No.  All contestants will retain the rights to their materials with the exception of the winning team.  The winning team will be paid fairly for their services on the production, however, YouPix, LLC (the production company) will own the final products and any behind the scenes materials created in the process.  If the movie is sold and is profitable, the Writer(s) will receive up to the WGA minimum guarantee for the script.  We will match the Writer's compensation for the Chosen Director.  This is a better deal than most filmmakers get for their first productions.  Period.

On the Coverage Form...What do you mean by Validation Question?

Validation Question is there to ensure that all contestants actually read their Assigned Material. The only way you can answer the Validation Question is by having read the script. So, cheaters be warned.