As if our competition wasn’t exciting enough!

YouPix is about Connection.  Community.  About Sharing.  And for one in every 1000 contestants… 

…it’s about WINNING!  

In this FREE section of our site, we get to know each other and share ideas.  Our YouPix Social Network will allow you to upload a profile picture, “friend” other members, create groups, participate in forums and BEST of all, share some of your work under your PROFILE.  Free.  We invite all film disciples to join up, and network.  That’s really how films get made – by who you know as much as by what you know…


Writers are able to list one script for FREE.  If you want to list more scripts in our exclusive database, the cost is only $9.95 every 6 months for unlimited scripts – so write away!!!

Directors and Cinematographers are able to link their Demo Reels to promote their careers as well for FREE.

Producers and Development Executives use our exclusive service to discover new talent.  We are adding new active members to this group often, by an approval or invite-only process.



Here’s the boring details for those of us afflicted with OCD: 


The Network is divided into TWO SECTIONS:


If you click on the ACTIVITY or any of the other options under the MAIN MENU it will take you to the SITEWIDE section where you will be able to see all posted comments and activities by other members on our service. 


If you click on your AVATAR (Profile) it will take you to your PERSONAL section where you will be able to see your own SUB-MENU right underneath your AVATAR:  activity, profile, friends, groups, and forums.

1-Activity: Will ONLY give you the list/history of your own activity

2-Profile: Will allow you to edit your picture, pick your talent, and write a short bio. 

3-Friends: Will give you a list of your circle of friends.

4-Groups: Will allow you to create groups for what ever reason you choose.

5-Forums: Will allow you to participate in these forum that will ONLY be created by a YouPix ADMIN.

Still not clear on how to use our Network? send us an email: and we will try to answer your questions.