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We PRODUCE a winning screenplay every competition!

Our Short Film contest winners DIRECT a winning feature script!  


YouPix is simply the BEST SCREENPLAY AND SHORT FILM COMPETITION in the Universe.”   ≈ God

 Why YouPix? 

Writers don’t write scripts to watch them languish on a shelf alongside their dusty plastic trophies!  What’s the fun in that?  Writers write scripts to see their Movies on the silver screen!  

Every aspiring Director hopes that someone - anyone will notice their short films and “give them a shot” at directing a feature film.  Fat chance.  Your chances of really making it in Hollywood are abysmal at best.

We decided to fix this.  And it’s a simple idea.  The Script Angels at YouPix PRODUCE a winning screenplay every competition using the Short Film contest winners to DIRECT the feature script!  We are the best screenplay and short film competition ever! 


We PRODUCE our winning Screenplays!

1)  If you win one of our script competitions, we will buy your Screenplay and shoot your MOVIE!  (Up to $500k budget.  Your odds of winning are astounding!)

2)  We also offer an exclusive script database that is searchable only by active Development Executives. (Your first script submission is free, BTW.)


Our Short Film winners DIRECT our Movies! 

1)  If your Short Film is amazing, and it resonates with the exclusive YouPix audience, your talent will be noticed – both by peers in the competition AND by active Development Executives. 

2)  If you win one of our competitions, we will hire you to DIRECT A MOVIE!  (Up to $500k budget, and your odds of winning are unparalleled!)


YouPix gives you a REAL shot at making YOUR MOVIE!



The YouPix Premise:


  • Writers submit scripts with a SUBMISSION FEE.
  • Writers read & fairly critique 1 SCRIPT and 3 SHORT FILMS.
  • Writers receive multiple critiques – from fellow Writers and from Directors.
  • TOP SCRIPTS are submitted to an ADVISORY BOARD of established Directors, Writers, Producers, and Industry Luminaries for final analysis and judging.
  • The CHOSEN SCRIPT is PRODUCED by teaming up with the CHOSEN DIRECTOR for Production. 


  • Directors submit short films (no longer than 20 min.) with a SUBMISSION FEE.
  • TOP SHORT FILMS are submitted to an ADVISORY BOARD of established Directors, Writers, Producers, Producers, and Industry Luminaries for analysis and judging.
  • TOP 10 DIRECTORS are interviewed by the ADVISORY BOARD for FINAL CUT.


The YouPix Backstory:

The idea of YouPix.org was born out of our frustrations with the current state of the Indie Film business model. Over the last decade there has been a decline in Indie Films investment by major Hollywood production companies.  The decline is due to many reasons, but the most importantly, the old business model DOES NOT WORK!  The vast majority of the Indie Films do not make money – so why invest?  Too much risk.

If you are a passionate Indie Filmmaker – finding the money to make your film is nearly impossible.  Unless your rich Aunt invented bubble gum, odds are you’re not going to make your movie.  YouPix is your answer.


The YouPix BreakDown: